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I've performed on some of the world's biggest stages, and I've learned so much along the way. My biggest lesson was that there's so much more to being a great singer than just the voice, we need to be just as sure in our bodies and minds, to be confident in our lives and ourselves. In the safety of the teaching studio, we can explore all your potential, bring out your strengths, and learn about the true sensations of singing, backed up by real science. I’ve helped my clients break through the obstacles not just in their singing, but in themselves, to re-find the joy of singing, to discover the power of their true voice, and take their singing to levels they never thought possible. My clients have included Classical Brit nominees, famous actors and stars of the West End and opera stages but also just ordinary singers and non-singers looking to have a bit of fun, explore their own process and learn some new things. Complete beginners sometimes make much quicker progress, because there are fewer habits to break! Everyone is different. Performing can be such a joyful experience, and I've made it my mission to help every client find their joy.


Individual session £65.





Lessons currently only available online

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