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Acknowledgement. Acceptance. Strength.

It is real, it does exist, we can overcome it. Anxiety affects us all in some part of our lives, and this is especially true for performers. Whether you are performing on a stage, giving a presentation, or going for a job interview, the nerves can be crippling and turn the best of us into a quivering mess. For me, it is the number one reason why some performers, in business and on the stage, never achieve their potential, and can end careers before they've had a chance to really start. 
But there's good news- it doesn't have to be this way! Anxiety is just the body's way of preparing you for action. It creates energy, and gives you the power you need, just at the right moment. There is a reason why Olympic athletes only set world records when the pressure is on, and there's 50 million people watching! 
The hard part is learning how to harness that power, to make it work for you.
After years of research, and a massive personal battle with performance anxiety, I have developed practical techniques, based on the latest scientific research, that can be tailored to suit your mind and body, to help you achieve your peak. Everybody is unique, so learning the right approach to enable your mind to excel is essential. 
I now give workshops and design courses for 'performers' from all walks of life, using techniques from CBT, NLP, EFT, somatic therapy, breathwork, and unique techniques designed by me, to make friends with anxiety, use that energy and find true confidence. 

Find your Confidence

Conquer Fears

Discover your 'flow'

Become resilient

Feel Free from anxiety

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