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Top level masterclasses on the voice, performance skills, performance anxiety and life as a professional singer

Workshops currently available online

Workshops and masterclasses are available, drawing from a career learning from some of the worlds best coaches and experts, and performing on some of the worlds biggest stages. 

Workshops and masterclasses are designed to be entertaining and interactive, not only for participants, but also audience members. 

With a speciality in performance anxiety, I can work with singers to bring about drastic, positive change in the safety of the masterclass environment, that will strengthen them for their entire career. 

I have worked with education departments at Garsington Opera, Scottish Opera, Voces8 and more, working with schools across the country. And have coached students and given workshops at several music conservatoires, including the RWCMD, RCS, and HFMT (Hamburg). Find out how I can help your team, and see examples of my work...

Anxiety Workshop

Anxiety will continue to happen to you, until you understand it. Then you can take control, and use it. 

For me, this s probably the most important workshop I am running at the moment. 
Everyone is suffering with the fallout from Covid. We've been through something extra-ordinary, and we'll need time to heal. Especially our young people. We have been left with heightened anxiety, which often leads to depression. The aim of this workshop is to:

  • Give understanding to why and how the feelings of anxiety happen

  • De-mystify the whole process, so that you no longer feel 'out of control'

  • Give tools to help manage the feelings, long term and short term

  • Encourage self-compassion - anxiety isn't weakness

  • Give options for follow on self-reflection and growth. 


The workshop is designed to make people feel better. Learning practical, science-based skills to deal with this issue can have benefits in so many parts of your life. 

If you could get back all the energy and time you spend on worry, imagine what you could get done! 

Imagine how much time you've already lost to it, but tomorrow doesn't have to be that way...

Workshop lasts 1.5 hours


To book the workshop now,

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