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Educational masterclasses for all ages on blend, listening, breathing, choral teamwork, tone, posture, performance anxiety, reaching the high notes, and the low! 

Growing up as a chorister I learned early on the demands and joys of choral singing, something which I carried on into my adult life as a professional choral singer. 

I now design and lead choral workshops, that work with the directors and members, to create fun, informative sessions that address the needs and aspirations of the ensemble. 

I have previously worked as singing teacher to Oriel college Oxford, designing a vocabulary to get the best technical results in short rehearsals. I have been recording and vocal consultant to the English Arts Chorale. For several years, I was vocal coach to Classical Brit award nominees and platinum selling crossover group All Angels. I have been vocal consultant to London Contemporary voices, and many other ensembles. 

My workshops are designed not only to get the best out of singers as individuals, but the ensemble as a whole. Uplifting each other with our voices is one of the greatest gifts we can offer, and what makes singing in groups such a unique experience. 

Recent example workshops:

London Youth Choirs - 1 Hr Anxiety workshop, with practical tools to help combat, overcome, and find true joy in performing, and to look and feel good doing it. 

English Arts Chorale - recording preparation, including sessions on 'blend', 'togetherness', 'tone and breath management'.

Copthorne singers - Fulfilling potential and performance skills.

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