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This is where the fun starts. 

We all want something different out of our singing. 

Some people want to build confidence, some to make beautiful noises, some to tell stories and some to find a way to express their true self. 

Because singing is about much more than just the voice. It's about the body, mind, and feeling free to express your power. 

What do you want to get out of your singing?

In the studio we build a solid technical foundation and then... we experiment. 

We see what works for you, and your body, and what you want to say. We explore new means of expression, conquer barriers and build confidence. We learn about life. 

I have clients on the biggest stages across Europe, right through to people who will only sing in the shower! And they all need the same thing- to feel free. 

To connect to the voice without fear. 

And only then can you start to have some real fun!  

I teach with the latest vocal science, and the latest neuroscience, but most of all my studio is a place to be free. Time in lessons is a gift to yourself, to explore and discover, judgment free with nothing to prove. We build on the excitement and joy of singing. And from there we can achieve great things! 

Individual session £75.






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